Monday, August 4, 2008

OK Foodie Friends ~ I'm Looking For a Recipe

To all my foodie friends: I've been searching for a recipe for over four decades.

I'm looking for a Cole Slaw recipe. Not just any cole slaw. And not with mayo or (yuck) Miracle Whip.

No. No. No.

This is a vinegar based cole slaw. The kind that makes your taste buds explode.

Let me back up and explain. My parents didn't take us out to eat very much when we were growing up. As in, almost never. But, when we did go out, we went to this fabulous chicken joint ~ in hindsight, it was a dive bar ~ that had THE BEST fried chicken and a spicy vinegar based cole slaw. I'd get a double order of slaw and forget the fries. Then I'd eat everyone else's slaw at the table.

I really loved that cole slaw.

I've tried to make it but can't get the proportions right.

So. I'm looking for a recipe that is cabbage based with a dressing of vinegar, white wine, sugar, garlic, red onion (or shallot) and that special something that I just haven't figured out yet.

Please don't keep me in suspense. I'm sure one of my genius foodie friends knows that that special something is.

Wonder if that is where my love of Bacchus started...

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Chef Debbie said...

It sounds as if you are looking for a variation of pepper slaw. Check out by blog at chefdebbie dot blogspot dot com for this traditional recipe that generations of women have been making in my family, try it for the base and then play with your food!

(Oh, and yes, the MW burn was NOT lost on me. I still think it's great with fresh tomatoes on toast!)