Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Appy Party at Chez Yummy~issimo!

As a Certified Personal Chef and owner of Yummy~issimo! I don't have a lot of free weekend time so when I found myself taking the week off between Christmas and New Years, I decided to have a small party at Chez Spangler. Those of you who know me know that I don't do decorations. But this year, the decorating demon came over me.

Demonly decorate I did. The fireplace, the chandelier, the antique peer mirror, poinsettias and bows everywhere. It looked great before the holidays. Now I'm waiting for the crazy cleaning clown to show up.

Robyn & Vic
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So, party at Chez Spangler. It was just a small one with Tom and Vic, Robyn and Brad (and their super friends Nanc and Rob) and Judy and Alan. Kristy and Ryan were supposed to be there, but he got really sick. The party was in part a thank you for the amazing meal that Ryan cooked for us last month. Now, I'll have to have another party ~ maybe he wanted to approve the menu in advance? The only thing that would have made the party better is if the Kristy~Ryan and Beth~Kenny duos had been in attendance. But Robyn and Vic had a great time together!

Appy Table
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The appy menu:

Double truffle beef tenderloin
Crab and shrimp double stuffed eggs
Caviar and dill dip
Spicy sun~dried tomato dip
Antipasto with Parmesan~artichoke dressing
Homemade pate with Calvados and currants
Mini Greek pizzas with lamb and pesto
Cheese, cheese, cheese

Sweet husband ~ who doesn't cook and still needs instruction before approaching the oven ~ suggested the beef was too rare. I didn't know there was such a thing! I think he was in the minority as the 3~pound tenderloin was gone in a flash.

Oh crap! I'll have to ask Bacchus which libation is appropriate for taking all of the decorating demon crap down.

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