Monday, January 14, 2008

Lesson Learned. Drink Green Tea Martinis!

Well. Sweet husband and I went out Friday evening with the Kristy~Ryan and Tom~Vicki duos. We went to Soho, a wonderful sushi restaurant and home of Ian's world~famous Green Tea Martini. As you can probably imagine, we had several cocktails at the bar before dinner.

So we sit down to dinner and Ian brings 4 sake bombs. For the uninitiated, a sake bomb is a tall beer in a glass placed on a tray. On top of the beer glass are two chopsticks. A double shot glass full of sake is then balanced on the chopsticks. Sound complicated? Wait. It gets even better.

Sake bombs are mostly a guy thing. You pound on the table twice with your fists chanting "Sake, Sake" and then the third time you pound on the tray chanting "Bomb." Sake~Sake~Bomb! In theory, the sake glass drops straight down into the beer and you down it in one long swallow.

In theory.

The three manly~men at the table all had sake bombs. Lightweight (both in ability to hold alcohol as well as on the scale) Kristy decided she had to have one with the guys. Ian delivered said sake bombs ~ along with a large Chinese beer for the first person to down the bomb ~ and everyone went through the ritual.

One small problem.

When you pound "Sake~Sake~Bomb!" on a dining table versus the bar, the table tends to move. And move it did. Sake bombs, water glasses and all formerly glass~encased liquid went everywhere!

Lesson learned. Drink Green Tea Martinis!

Green Tea Martini Recipe
4 parts Citron vodka ~ either Stoli or Grey Goose
1 part Zen Green Tea Liqueur
1 lime wedge
1 splash pineapple juice

Fill shaker full of crushed ice. Add all ingredients, squeeze in lime juice. Mix well. Strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with lime wedge.

Enjoy ~ I certainly did!

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Ryan said...

I have to give props to my girl here and remind you that lightweight Kristy actually *won* the sake-bomb race. Even with with me having an advantage in that most of the sake was on my lap rather than my glass.