Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chef Irvine in a Sticky Wicket

Huh. It seems one of my favorite TV Chefs, Robert Irvine of Dinner: Impossible, is in deep dodo.

Seems that said Chef enhanced his credentials a bit. Friday's 
Washington Post blew the lid off the kettle and boiled the pot dry.

Born in 1965, Chef enlisted in the British Royal Navy at the age of 15 for a 10~year tour of duty. He also claimed that he worked on Princess Di's wedding cake in 1981. Now I suppose that it is possible that he was plucked off of a big ship in the middle of a big ocean and flown to England to help create the sugary masterpiece. But Irvine would have been 16 when Di rode in the white carriage with the white horses.

You might find this hard to believe but I don't watch 
The Food Network a whole lot anymore.

It seems to me, in my humble opinion, that they are dumbing down the content. Now don't get me wrong. There is a place and a need for shows to teach people how to boil water, how to make a wedding cake from boxed cake mix and how to add a couple of pounds of butter, sour cream and mayonnaise to every recipe to make it taste heavenly.

But I did love watching Dinner: Impossible every Wednesday night. Even sweet husband Tim enjoyed the shows and watching a cooking show is certainly not at the top of his TV list.  I would never in a zillion years be able to pull off the magic that Robert Irvine has accomplished in these challenges.

Chef Irvine was and is a great chef. I just wish he didn't feel the need to claim chef fame for things he can't back up.

I feel like I've spent all day making a delicate souffle that fell.

I hope he comes back to TV soon, with dignity and new recipes. I'll miss his shows.

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Chef Debbie said...

I am in complete agreement, Chef Debbie. I so appreciate his talent, although it is not lost on me that a great deal of the hype is focused on his "guns" instead of his "cleavage!"

Let's face it, he's surely "eye candy" but since he's been so incredibly deceptive, I guess that puts him in the same category as that "chef" who over-enunciates her Italian words and over-emphasizes her cleavage. No better, no worse!

I'm terribly disappointed, too, and disillusioned. I really had so much respect and admiration for him, and here he is, winding up to be just a faulted human being like the rest of us. Yet still incredibly talented...