Monday, March 10, 2008

Super Chef!

Got a strange e~mail today.

That's not too unusual.

Did you know I can buy Viagra, Cialis, Prozak or any other kind of drug I need through the mail? One e~mail even guarantees me I can gain 4". I can't tell you how much I'd love to be 5'6 instead of my shrimpy 5'2".

But I digress.

Today's e~mail takes the cake, breaks it up into little chunks, puts it on the plate and serves it with ice cream.
Dear Debbie
I work for a small catering company and we've had a request for Kaluha pulled pork. We've never made this and don't know where to start. We need your help!!

What I wanted to say:
Dear Catering Company:
You have the gig. If you didn't offer the requested menu item, then suck it up and do the research ~ just like
I'd have to do if I wrote the recipe and cooking instructions for you!
Maybe I should wear a cape instead of an apron saying "SUPER CHEF!"

Oh. But wait. Then I'd actually have to help.

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Chef Lisa said...

So how did you reply? Inquiring minds want to know.