Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What Did I Really Say?


I'm shocked at how many people actually read the Yummy! blog.  

Maybe I shouldn't talk about Bacchus and liberally imbibing libations quite so much.


I received a lot of e~mails asking how I responded to the catering company asking me to help them with the Kahlua pulled pork recipe.

My response:
Dear Catering Company ~
While I have never made Kahlua pulled pork, I would probably take a red wine marinade recipe and play with it until I found the right combination  ~ just make sure you don't make it too sweet.  Failing that, I'd research
Cooks.com or Epicurious.com.  Good luck.
Short, sweet, not too helpful, not too bitchy.

An afterword.

Had I posted a recipe like this on 
Yummy~issimo! Personal Chef ServiceI would have gladly copied, pasted and shared.

Now I'm starting to feel bad that I didn't help.

Oh well.

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