Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Chef Debbie Photo for the Ages!

A Blog A Day For A Month: Day 10. Only 21 more days to go.

Yesterday I was exhausted after the big party of the evening before but had a big client cook day to get through. I love this client ~ but they certainly can be a challenge to cook for.

So, of course, today was the day that the Cincinnati Enquirer was sending a photographer to take photos of moi for an upcoming article. With the hazy, hot and humid day full of rain and wind making my hair do things that it should never do, my dark baggy eyes and a lovely tomato sauce splotch on my right boob, I'm sure this will be a photo for the ages!

The photographer, Michael Keating, however, was seriously cool. A 30~year veteran of the Enquirer, he runs a photo website that is a must see for anyone who takes photos ~ amateur, professional or somewhere inbetween. Michael is supposed to send me a photo that he took for me to put on my blog. I'll post it ~ if it isn't too hideous, and if he doesn't forget to send it.

Yesterday I also received a copy of an article written for the regional Angie's List magazine with a brief Q&A of 3 personal chefs in Cincinnati. And, yes I was one of the PCs interviewed. Thank Bacchus that I didn't have to have another bad photo taken.

It's been a very hard week this week and a visit with Bacchus is definitely in order as soon as I'm finished today.

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