Thursday, July 24, 2008

OSU Students Read About Chef Debbie

A Blog A Day For A Month: Day 24. Only 7 more days to go.

With the Internet, you just never know where you name is going to show up.

I have Google alerts coming to my inbox every day so if any article or blog discusses Chef Debbie, Yummy~issimo! (all versions and misspellings), Personal Chef or Debbie Spangler, then I get an e~mail alert with a link to the article.

Imagine my surprise when last week's Cincinnati Enquirer article about saving money at the grocery store was mentioned in the U Weekly, the OSU Student Paper.

Reporter, Sarah Ledford, took some liberties and "quoted" me as saying "Students are also encouraged to avoid pre-packaged foods." Spangler said that purchasing foods and vegetables in their raw form will allow for longer lasting products for less money. “You can save $1.29 or more when you take the time to clean your own lettuce. A head of lettuce lasts much longer than the packaged lettuce.”

Huh. I reread the Enquirer article and I'm pretty sure it doesn't mention anything like that ~ and I haven't spoken with Ms. Ledford.

So. I don't know if fresh fruits and vegetables in their raw form will last longer than their counterparts that are pre~packaged. I do know, however, you can save $$$ with fresh versus prepackaged.

I never have a problem saying what I think, however, don't put words in my mouth that I didn't say and certainly can't back up.

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