Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lick the Platters Clean!

A Blog A Day For A Month: Day 9. Only 22 more days to go.

This blog a day stuff is getting really difficult to keep up with.

Last night I had a big appy party ~ well the number of guests was small ~ but the amount of food they wanted was huge! And they ate it all! Unbelievable!

The normal amount of appy bites I should have needed last evening was around 144. They went through over 200 pieces. And they could have eaten as much again.

There was 3 pounds of beef tenderloin ~ my world famous bourbon glazed BT ~ so much that I had planned to have a nice big piece left over for the event planner as well as a nice piece left for sweet husband and me. Nothing left. Nada. Zip. Zero.

Same with the salmon ~ sesame dill salmon bites and sweet and spicy salmon bites. Both served on bruschetta toasts with herbed cream cheese. Gone. Bye bye. See ya.

Spicy garlic sesame chicken, creamy caviar dip, chocolate dipped strawberries, espresso chocolate mousse, veggie tray with herbed onion dip, fruit tray with kaluha dip. It looked like the platters had been licked clean.

But. Seeing people enjoy my food is the greatest high in the world. It's a whole lot better than the feeling I'd have if they didn't like it!

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Chef Debbie said...

And look at all the calories you saved by not having to clean up the leftovers!